Site Access Agreement
You are encouraged to review the Site Access Agreement before proceeding.

This FHCF On-line Claims System
Registered companies can use this web-based claims system (Claims System) to electronically certify, “sign”, and submit FHCF Interim Loss Reports and Proof of Loss Reports. Companies may also use the system to review prior on-line loss report submissions. Paragon Strategic Solutions Inc. (Paragon), contracted as the Administrator of the FHCF by the State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA), maintains the system.

Secure Submission
Once the registration process is fully complete, your company will be able to electronically certify, “sign”, and submit your FHCF loss reports. Upon receipt of this information it will be reviewed to assure it meets all FHCF requirements, and if applicable, will then be processed for payment.

Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the quality, integrity, and utility of the operations of this site while ensuring privacy and security. The FHCF on-line claims system utilizes industry standard Secure Socket Layer, SSL, encryption in conjunction with freely available web browsers. The SSL technology ensures private, secure transactions for customers who submit electronic forms and data. As stipulated in the Site Access Agreement, the FHCF, SBA, and Paragon are not responsible for the misdirection of information due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control.

Video Tutorials
Registering for the FHCF On-line Claims System
Submitting Loss Reports via the FHCF On-line Claims System

Enter Secure Claims System (Registered Users Only)
Registered users (User ID and password issued) may click above to access the Claims System and their company information.

In order to use this Claims System to electronically certify, “sign”, and submit FHCF loss reports, your company must first register. The company registration process provides necessary security controls, both with respect to authenticating and safeguarding the information you are submitting, and to the general security of the system. Click above to begin the company registration process.